A b o u t .

A b o u t .

SHEPHERD england is the eponymous label of textile designer Gemma Shepherd. Working predominantly with wool - the noble fibre, and taking inspiration from the visual language of popular culture, both past and present. SHEPHERD employs meticulous production techniques to create pieces that are both striking, and luxurious in their function.

These much sought after pieces are intended to make bold statements; expressing equally the driving forces behind every design: pattern and colour.

Made from superfine Geelong Lambswool* and the finest butter soft leathers, all SHEPHERD products are designed and made in the United Kingdom with many of the pieces hand framed and individually finished in-house. This hands-on approach is seen as intrinsic to the identity of the brand.

This latest collection from SHEPHERD continues to embrace the bold graphic aesthetic that has become synonymous with the label, whilst exploring the more traditional ethos of British fabric design within their range of tweed and plaid inspired pieces.

New patterns and styles such as the SHEPHERD plaid** and the multi hued Colour Blok stripe have comfortably fallen into step alongside our ever evolving heritage patterns such as the TWEED TRI-STRIPE and FLASH.

These varied themes are bound together by a paintbox like colour palette that reflects the influences of modernism and the Pop Art movement.

All of our scarves, wraps and gloves are handmade in England by skilled crafts people, using the finest quality Lamb's wool and nappa leathers.




* Geelong lambswool is the finest, snow white Merino Lamb's wool, even in length and soft and springy to handle. It's these luxurious qualities which make Geelong Lambswool so desirable.

The Australian Merino sheep which produce this fibre have been selectively bred to ensure that they yield the finest micron lambswool in the world. Although each farm can produce tons of raw wool each year, only very few bales will be pure Geelong. Which is why it is such an exclusive commodity, ranking amongst the most luxurious of natural fibres.

**Influenced directly by the SHEPHERD Tartan or Boarder Tartan as it is also known. Thought to be one of the earliest tartan patterns in existence, the SHEPHERD Plaid was created by the sheep herders of long ago to ward off the chill and was found to be used both north and south of the borders. Drawing on SHEPHERD england's own direct links to sheep farming, it seems only right to reference this bold yet strikingly simple Plaid, adding our own colourful twist.

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